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Cast iron foundry in Italy (Tuscany)

Cast iron foundry Italy Tuscany
  Fonderia San Martino:
   Cast iron foundry Italy Tuscany

Foundry work in Val d'Elsa (Italy)

The "art of melting iron" in Val d'Elsa (Tuscany, Italy) is lost in the mists of time: there are certain traces of the activity of a furnace in the early XVI century for treating the iron ore coming from the Siena hillock and making cannon balls.

In the mid XIX century the large Masson iron works operated in the area, taking the energy from the artificial canals from the river Elsa.

In the early XX century the first cast iron foundries were established; small-sized concerns mainly for manufacturing moulds for the glassworks in the area.

From these early artisan activities, the passion and tradition of cast iron foundry has been handed down from generation to generation with alternating fortune.

Cast iron foundry Tuscany Italy
  Fonderia San Martino:
   Cast iron foundry Italy Tuscany
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